Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd:- 1st Martin Ennis 49pts, 2nd Fergus Maher 48pts, 3rd Joseph Cosgrave 47pts, 4th Thomas Moore 45pts, 5th James Keane 45pts, 6th Noel Bermingham 45pts, 7th David Stapleton 45pts.

Open Singles Wednesday 18th January:- 1st Bartholomew Ohanya 44pts.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th:- 1st Patrick Cronin 45pts, 2nd Michael Quinn 44pts, 3rd Tony Byrnes 44pts, 4th Alfie Collins 44pts, 5th John Williams 44pts, 6th James Murphy 43pts, 7th Michael O'Hara 42pts.

Open Singles Wednesday 11th January:- 1st Seamus Marsh 46pts.

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th:- 1st Paul Carroll 46pts, 2nd Joseph Cosgrove 45pts, 3rd Seamus Marsh 45pts, 4th Niall Slattery 44pts, 5th Eamon Ryan 44pts, 6th Peter G. Stringfield 44pts, 7th Philip Kelly 43pts.

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